Welcome to 3KS Kreations by 3KS Ranch and Dairy! We are a small, family owned ranch and dairy located in beautiful Southern Colorado. 

We make a variety of body care products with goat milk that you can find featured here, in our store! 

Goat milk has many benefits that include:

*Cleanses gently yet deeply.

*Nourishes skin.

*Keeps the skin soft and moisturized.

*Helps slow premature aging.

*Helps to keep skin acne free.

*Relieves irritation and inflammation.

*Heals skin infections quickly.

*Helps to maintain proper pH balance of the skin.

Take a look around, we are sure that your skin will love our products!

I recently purchased 2 bath salts and a lotion from Ashton, I received them today, everything was packed correctly so nothing was broken. I put on the lotion right away, its amazing, no greasy feeling, it was a wonderful light orange scent. The prices a very reasonable, and I will be ordering more for my spring baskets. Thank you so much Ashton....

Just received

I was given a pump bottle of 3KS lotion, and it is SO MUCH better than any store-bought stuff I've used. It is so thick that it probably should be classified as a cream. It is smooth going on, makes me think of velvet. The scent (mine was sweet pea) is nice but could be a little stronger. I like that it's made with goat milk since I drink goats milk all the time because it's so dang healthy. I'll buy more when this bottle runs out.

Velvet Lotion
If you have not tried 3KS products yet. You are missing out. The scents arent overpowering, the lotion is crazy moisturizing, and you only need a little bit. Do your skin a favor and order here!

Love my goat's milk lotion!! It has become my favorite. It is refreshing, feels silky and not greasy. I love the scent! It sits on my night stand and I use it every night. I really need to order more because I want this lotion within reach all over my house!

LOVE my lotion!